Are You Moving Mindfully?

As the spring weather slowly appears, are you making time for yourself to smell the (real and proverbial) flowers? Its so easy to let the day fly by rather than taking the time to be in the moment.. to see the new flower that has appeared or to smell the clean spring air.  I ask this because I know I am guilty of it myself!

To help remind myself to slow down, I turn to Pilates. Pilates teaches you to be in the moment better than many other types of exercise during which you can work out no matter where your mind wanders. Pilates requires you to THINK about your body each time you move it. You must think about engaging your center as you move your arms or legs against it.  You must think about your body as you inhale and exhale to the rhythm of your movements. You must focus on your alignment as you add more challenging movements. Its completely mindful exercise!

The next time you find yourself missing the newly sprouted plant in your garden because you were looking at your phone to figure out what’s next on your schedule, or who may have called, consider coming to Pilates to train your brain to be more mindful of the unfolding beauty around you!