March 2020

Worried About Getting Sick? Get Some Exercise!

Worried about catching the latest virus or flu? We all have been very well- informed of the importance of proper, thorough and frequent handwashing to help keep germs at bay, but did you know regular moderate exercise has been shown to reduce your risk of getting sick, too? Exercising can help prevent illnesses: Studies have […]

The Problem with Abs

My teenage sons like to walk around the house showing off their “six-packs.” But when a coach recently told one of them, despite his ripped abs and well-defined muscles, that he needed a stronger core for a faster and more powerful kick, he was dumbfounded. Unfortunately, there are many problems with traditional ab workouts like […]

Want to Win at Swim (or Soccer or Lax)? Get More Sleep

Have you ever caught your son playing Fortnite at midnight with his friends after he “went to bed at 9?” Or pleaded with your daughter, “Please put the phone down and go to bed!”? Not that this happens in my house, but…. more and more studies offer powerful data that lack of sleep tonight could […]