We are almost there! The focus here is connecting your back body during the exercises in this video and centering your body during the exercises, too. Most of the exercises in the workout are the goal exercises, although we cover a few new ones as well.


We have achieved our GOAL in several of our exercises, but continue to learn new variations and build on others. We introduce Side Kick circles today and the Neck Pull. We discuss the importance of the Pilates Principle of Control!


In this session we begin by talking about the importance of length in your neck. Be careful how you hold it or it can hurt! We are also beginning to add FLOW to our exercises. One exercise moves right into another. As always, if these exercises don’t suit you, please use a previous variation. This isn’t a race to the end – its a journey and some exercise variations will benefit you more than others. We add new exercises (Criss Cross and Side Kicks) and new variations of existing exercises in this video. We reach several of our “GOAL” variations in this video as well. We end with balance work. If you want to purchase a magic circle shown here, you can find one here:


Adding on from Class #4 in the series! We add the 4th abdominal exercise, Double Leg Straight Stretch, and try more challenging variations of the other exercises we have done so we can reach our goal exercises.


We have arrived! Join us today for a preview of a typical Classical mat pilates class. You’ll see all the familiar exercises with a twist. We are adding the magic circle again today for strength, centering and reminder to use your back as well as your front muscles!


We are almost there! All the exercises are the goal exercises and we work on the Pilates Principle of FLOW in this video. Ending with small arm weight standing exercises.

Focus on Form

Focus on Form (Foundational) This class focuses on form above all. We’ll cover the foundational exercises in a slow and deliberate manner! Its a great one to do multiple times a week because its quick and to the point! Enjoy!