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Finished with your Back to Basics/ Foundational mat class? This is the perfect next step mat class. We review the foundational exercises and add a few more moving us forward in our practice.

Back to Basics Mat (Foundational-Int)

It all starts with a stable pelvis! so let’s get Back to the Basics. We’ll add some challenges to that Pelvis with some fun variations on a theme, too! You’ll be thankful the class is (mostly) beginner!

Magic Circle Mat

Join a steady paced Intermediate level magic circle mat class with the right balance of stretch, strength and control. Ends with standing magic circle exercises. Do only what works for you and your body please!

Arm Weights Foundational 1

Foundational arm weights but they’re not that easy!! Work your entire body with these little 2 lb weights! You’ll ask for more, I’m sure,!

Arm Weights Foundational 2

ArmweightsFoundational1 (no wall) Here are some arm weight exercises to get you ready for summer! Biceps I, II and III, Boxing, Sparklers, Zipper, Hug and Chest Expansion. They’ll get you ready to walk into the world!

Foundational Magic Circle

Find your lift and your center with this Foundational Magic Circle mat class. Use the Magic Circle to find your inner thighs, your outer thighs, and especially your arm and back connection.

Magic Circle Mat (Foundational)

Get stronger with this short and to the point Foundational mat class. The Magic Circle is a terrific tool for strength and can be used for all the exercises. Combine this with a short standing (or wall) magic circle for a great ending, too!


Welcome to the 10 week Pilates Mat Series! This is the first video in the Foundational Series. We’ll discuss head and pelvis position, moving from the pelvis, breath and we’ll start the exercises in the Classical Mat Series. You become what you repeat so your goal is to practice 3-4 times a week and see how strong you get!! Can’t wait to begin this journey with you! Timestamps: 00:26 – Head Position/ Breathing/ Imprinting Spine 03:02 – Pelvis position / Imaginary cup of coffee 05:06 – Curl Ups 06:56 – Arm Arcs 08:16 – The Hundred 09:18 – The Roll Back 13:12 – Single-Leg Circle 16:43 – Single Leg Bent Stretch 19:14 – Spine Stretch Forward


This is the second video in the Foundation Series. We’ll review the first class, build onto what we learned last week and add a few new exercises! Timestamps: 01:41 – Pelvic Review 04:29 – Curl Ups 06:07 – Roll Back 11:17 – The Hundred 12:58 – Single-Leg Circle 17:31 – Rolling like a Ball 19:30 – Single-Leg Kick 21:58 – Double Bent Leg Stretch 22:45 – Single-Leg Stretch 23:36 – Spine Stretch Forward 26:01 – The “Diaper” 29:11 – Child’s Pose 29:28 – Teaser Practice