Back to Basics Mat (Foundational-Int)

It all starts with a stable pelvis! so let’s get Back to the Basics. We’ll add some challenges to that Pelvis with some fun variations on a theme, too! You’ll be thankful the class is (mostly) beginner!

Foundational Magic Circle

Find your lift and your center with this Foundational Magic Circle mat class. Use the Magic Circle to find your inner thighs, your outer thighs, and especially your arm and back connection.

Magic Circle Mat (Foundational)

Get stronger with this short and to the point Foundational mat class. The Magic Circle is a terrific tool for strength and can be used for all the exercises. Combine this with a short standing (or wall) magic circle for a great ending, too!

Focus on Form

Focus on Form (Foundational) This class focuses on form above all. We’ll cover the foundational exercises in a slow and deliberate manner! Its a great one to do multiple times a week because its quick and to the point! Enjoy!

Stable Pelvis Mat (Foundational)

Here’ a great easy paced class that focuses on the stable pelvis. We do some foundational exercises and keep that pelvis in position whether we are on our back, side, front, seated and standing. Enjoy!