Stable Spine .mp4

This is a great option for anyone who wants to avoid forward bending for medical or other reasons. We will keep the spine long for the entire mat, but don’t confuse that with easy. its a great challenging workout that will work your upper back and abs!

What the Wall Can Teach Us (Int)

The whole reason we do Pilates is so we can do what we love in the world! And much of that is upright! So let’s start and end of the wall and apply the wall to a strong intermediate mat class.

Back to Basics Mat (Foundational-Int)

It all starts with a stable pelvis! so let’s get Back to the Basics. We’ll add some challenges to that Pelvis with some fun variations on a theme, too! You’ll be thankful the class is (mostly) beginner!

Open your Chest Towel Mat

Open your chest with a hand towel! Using the towel reminds us to engage the shoulders down the back while we are working through this Foundational progression.