Arm Weights Foundational 1

Foundational arm weights but they’re not that easy!! Work your entire body with these little 2 lb weights! You’ll ask for more, I’m sure,!

Arm Weights Foundational 2

ArmweightsFoundational1 (no wall) Here are some arm weight exercises to get you ready for summer! Biceps I, II and III, Boxing, Sparklers, Zipper, Hug and Chest Expansion. They’ll get you ready to walk into the world!

Arm Weight Connections (Int/Adv)

Using arm weights to strengthen the arm movements in each of the foundational and intermediate exercises. The weights are light (2lbs) but don’t underestimate their impact!

Magic Circle Mania (Intermediate)

Join me in this medium paced Magic Circle mat class. We’ll start standing and will move smoothly from one exercise to the next. The Magic Circle helps build strength and pull you towards your center. Enjoy!!

Mat on the Wall (Int)

Join us as we use the wall for stability, alignment and feedback during this challenging intermediate class! Practice and you’ll get strong enough for someone to stand on you, too!

Worth the Weight (Advanced)

Join us for a challenging workout that’s worth every drop of sweat, IMO, of course! Weight training/ resistance exercises has been found to be a terrific form of exercise that helps all aspects of sleep. In a recent study, it’s been found to be superior to cardio exercise alone OR and combination of cardio and resistance training. So grab your mat for body weight AND light weight training with me!